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How much fruit is too much?

Ever wondered if you're eating too much fruits? Actually we have seasonal fruits in Trinidad.

Sometimes when mango is in season, because of the desire built up over time for ripe mango, persons sit under a mango tree with a bucket and just eat until they are so full, the bucket is empty. It may not be the best idea.

This may be delightful for some who had a deep desire to eat mango, but overall, it's not going to have a positive impact on your health. Anything in excess is stored as body fat! Your body doesn't need all those calories from the fruit.

I remember discussing this in one of my live chats on FB @didithetrinidn. I challenged my viewers to have 1 fruit for the day. Yes everyone is different and requires different servings of fruit. Fruits have so mango benefits e.g.

- high dietary fibre

- vitamins and minerals

- antioxidant properties

WHO recommended 400g fruit daily. I consume about 1-2 fruits daily. What is your favourite fruit and how much do you eat daily?

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