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Boost your metabolism with these 3 simple steps.

Yes you can actually control your metabolism with different habits that you can implement daily. Lifestyle changes are focused on improving your health and wellness. All I want to do is add to the quality of your life.

The focus is about burning more calories at rest and during activity.

If you are struggling with your weight and you want to increase your metabolism, you can try these 3 steps:

1) Include tea in you life!

Yes drinking herbal tea without milk or sugar really gives your metabolism a boost. It has so many other benefits as well. This is why I encourage tea drinking, but most importantly sticking to what you enjoy. There are so many different types of teas out there. The ones I have available right now are those I enjoy most e.g. green tea leaves, chamomile flowers, chai tea and my personal blend tranquilitea which is a blend of rose buds, green tea leaves and chamomile flowers. Soooo gooooddd!!!!

2) Hydration is very important!

There was a recent song that went viral for drinking water. It's super important to keep replenishing the water that is lost during the way through your skin, urine etc. Our body is made up of water! When you don't drink sufficient amounts, you will become dehydrated which affects your ability to perform your daily tasks and routines.

3) Snack on what you enjoy.

Take a little break and snacking on what you like helps to boost your metabolism. There is truth in eating more often to helping you with your health goals. Snacking on nutritious and delicious treats boost your energy and mood! Try it. Eating more often helps to burn more calories! This is probably my favourite because I love my treats. They make me happy.

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