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Chicken breast sliced stuffed corn salad

It's time for another roucou recipe! It's super delicious and easy to prepare! I used chicken breast for this recipe. You can do a bean salad if you're vegetarian.

Chicken Breast benefits

- less fat than any other part of the chicken

- good source of vitamins and minerals

- good source of protein

Mixed vegetables benefits:

- high dietary fibre

- can lower blood pressure and cholesterol

Spinach leaves benefits:

- high dietary fibre

- antioxidant properties

- health boosting

- vegetable


- flavour

- no salt


  • 2-3 oz. chicken breast

  • 1 cup mixed corn, peas, carrots

  • 1 cup spinach leaves

  • 2 tbsp. roucou liquid (like water)

  • sprinkle onion, garlic, oregano, basil and parsley to season with chive and pimento

  • optional: pepper sauce


1. Clean and wash chicken breast. Slice top of the chicken across. Add roucou to non-stick frying pan and steam down. Add some more water with seasoning and chicken breast. Cover and leave on low heat to steam.

2. Steam mixed peas, corn and carrots with some of the seasoning.

3. Once chicken is thoroughly cooked, add the steamed peas, corn, carrots to the sliced parts of the meat. Enjoy with spinach leaves.

Average Nutrition Facts:

Serving size: 1

Kcals: 170 kcal

Carbs: 15g

Protein: 21g

Fats: 3g

Dietary Fibre: 2g

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