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Get your mini chocolate peanut butter cookies. Are you a peanut butter lover? If so, then these cookies are the ones for you. These are mini cookies. Super good.


The small pack holds 8 mini's and the large holds 24.


$105 ttd for the large pack

$35 for the small pack

Mini Chocolate Peanut butter Cookies

  • The agreement is for full compensation for  services under the agreement. The client shall pay the agreed amount based on the choices. No refunds. The company is not responsible for the items after delivered to the customer. Food allergies must be stated for order to be altered.

    All of these products are organic. There are no chemicals, additives or preservatives! No added sugar! Pure honey can be used as a sugar replacer! Enjoy balanced meals with the recipe booklet. Satisfy your cravings with the treat! There are no additives or preservatives and chemicals. You can keep snacks in the fridge 😊 Consume within a month.

    Thank you for your order!

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