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Unpopular opinion: Eat to live and live to eat.

Why do we eat? If you don't eat, you will not survive in this life. Nourishment is a vital part of living. Due to the food industries, we've shifted to a different eating habit that causes our health complications. This is because we're now living to eat.

Access to food in a large amount with reduced prices e.g. fast food, leads to overconsumption of energy. When you overconsume energy, you'll gain unhealthy body fat.

The main reason I structured the title in that way is because I want you to understand that yes, you need to eat to live, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy everything that life has to offer with food. You can live to enjoy delicious food and snacks.

Snacking helps to prevent over-eating. Balance is key! Figuring out what balance works for you is where I come in. Slow and steady wins the race. Proper nourishment of the body will not lead to health complications.

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