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Unpopular opinion: Cutting out carbs. for weight loss is unnecessary

Listen, it's important to understand that there are lots of misinformation out there. It's a difficult journey when you're being programmed by advertising to follow gimmicks and trends that tease you with false information about weight loss and losing weight fast!

What weight are you losing? What's the impact longterm? It is NOT sustainable to cut out food groups such as carbs e.g. rice, flour, sweet potato. This can lead to:

1) An unhealthy relationship with food

2) A poor relationship with your body weight

3) False ideas about healthy eating

4) Nutrient deficiencies

5) Health complications such as high blood cholesterol, kidney stones and much more

You can reach your health goals by re-arranging food based on your preferences to suit your body and health goals. Balance is key! I will always recommend that you include ALL the foods you love! Just learn with me how your body works and how you can manage your lifestyle to suit that.

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