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Microwave chocolate brownie

Decided to make this super easy and delicious recipe from my chocolate recipe booklet!

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I had a chocolate craving and had to dive into my chocolate recipe booklet for some yummy recipes. Of course I decided to try my chocolate mug brownie recipe! Just used different substitutes.

Dark chocolate benefits:

- rich antioxidant properties

- may Improve blood flow

- can Improve brain function

Oats benefits:

- high dietary fibre

- can lower cholesterol levels

- can improve blood sugar control

Honey vs sugar:

- honey has antioxidant properties

- sugar spikes blood glucose levels faster than honey and can lead to unhealthy weight gain

- honey helps to boost your immune system

Cinnamon benefits:

- can help to reduce blood sugar levels

- can provide anti-inflammatory properties

Cocoa powder benefits:

- can reduce inflammation

- can protect you from diseases such as heart disease

- polyphenols improve blood flow

- improves your mood