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How to balance choices when eating out?

There are so many choices when deciding what to eat! Usually, you can choose food outlets that offer items that you enjoy!

When making choices, you don't need to focus on what you think is "healthy." What you can do instead is:

1) focus on your preferences based on the occasion, how you feel and what you would like to have.

2) identify the options that include a protein, carbohydrate and vegetable.

3) limit the choices again based on the balance that you enjoy e.g. don't choose one that includes a protein or vegetable that you don't love.

4) limit again based on the preference of the cooking method. If you can choose grilled or baked instead of deep fried and you are happy with the choice, then go for it!

It's definitely not true that if you eat food out, you'll be adding to your illness. Honestly, balancing your life with foods that you enjoy is key to happiness and health! Working on a suitable lifestyle routine and developing a healthy relationship with food is where I come in. It's possible!

I'm enjoying grilled chicken, mashed potato with steamed broccoli, carrots, onion and greens. Eating out should not be seen as something bad. You can enjoy food!

FREEDOM is eating what you enjoy and reaching your health goals. Let's go! Lifestyle changes all the way! Happiness is right around the corner.

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