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Didi's Nutrition Consultancy

"Reaching your health goals with Lifestyle Changes!"

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Candida Khan, MSc. RD.

Dietitian Nutritionist

Chronic Disease Specialist

Didi's Nutrition Consultancy was created November 2019!

Experience as a Dietitian Nutritionist since 2017!

"With every experience, there is an opportunity for growth and development"

Registration is now open! It ends 10th Jan 2022! Don't miss out! NO repeats

This involves group sessions with Didi, MSc. RD. your Dietitian Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Expert.


The aim is to educate and empower YOU! Stop circling in the same unhealthy routines and FAST WEIGHT GIMMICKS.

Get your misinformation clarified. 

Each session would be about 1 hour in groups virtually. These are ALL LIVE sessions. Start your journey to better health NOW! This month is dedicated to managing your eating:

- Grocery Shopping Tour 101

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