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I am known as Didi, MSc. RD.  Dietitian Nutritionist and my specility is in Chronic Disease Management. The goal is to improve the health of the world through lifestyle changes.

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Didi The Trini DN

Hi there,

My name is Candida Khan, also known as Didi on social media.

I'm your Dietitian Nutritionist, healthcare professional, owner of Didi's Nutrition Consultancy, internet personality, author and brand ambassador.


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Didi's Nutrition Consultancy
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Interested in making lifestyle changes?

Health is WEALTH!

I'm all about helping you to achieve your health goal through lifestyle changes!

Didi's Health quote

No restrictive diets                    YES balanced meals

No pills                                          YES eating what you love

No products                                YES healthy recipes

No weight loss gimmicks         YES eat to lose body fat

individualised sessions to assist YOU with your health goal.

Didi The Trini DN


Interested in Advertising with Didi or promoting your products with her as your brand ambassador?


There are 3 different published booklets by Didi. 

2 are recipe booklets called; Simple, Quick and Easy recipes and 50 Guiltless Chocolate Recipes.

The other is a basic guide on Diabetes Management.


There are wellness packages and different programs available:

- Shape me Didi is aimed at helping persons with their weight management through a holistic approach to lifestyle changes.

-Nutrition Counselling Package is aimed at assisting persons with their health goal through lifestyle changes.

-Beat the Sweet with Didi is aimed at educating diabetics about their condition and how they can manage it through lifestyle changes.

Didi is a Chronic Disease Specialist, Dietitian Nutritionist and internet personality who aims to promote health and wellness through lifestyle changes with the outcome of reducing chronic diseases.

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Dietitian Nutritionist

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