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Didi's Nutrition Consultancy

"Be Humble!


 Have courage & be kind"

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By Candida Khan

MSc. RD.

Chronic Disease Specialist

Dietitian Nutritionist

Didi, Health Coach

BOOK a 30 minute zoom consultation session to assess YOUR NEEDS and answer questions

FREE Grocery shopping advice sheet

  • Get personalised lifestyle support to help you to your health goals!

    200 US dollars

Nutrition Therapy and Daily Guidance

one time consultation with daily guidance for 1 month

This involved a one on one session with Didi, your Dietitian Nutritionist who works with YOU to assess YOUR usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed to assist YOU with your health goal through lifestyle changes!

You will be provided with personalised meal plans, recipes, health advice and tips that are created to suit your individual needs based on your specific likes, dislikes, food preferences, allergies and everything that I need to know to help you create healthy habits.

After the one off session, you'll get guidance to keep you on the right path for your health goal! Ask questions, send pictures of meals and get answers to keep you on the path to better health.

GET all of your misconceptions cleared.


Start your journey to better health NOW!

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Grocery Shopping Advice Sheet

FREE with the one off consultation

Get guidance on how to come up with a healthy grocery shopping list to suit your specific needs and background!

Get the individualised attention and daily support that you need to accomplish and keep you on track with your health goals