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By Candida Khan

MSc. RD.

Chronic Disease Specialist

Dietitian Nutritionist

Master Class

Master Class

Registration is now open! It ends 1st October 2021! Don't miss out! NO repeats

BOOK a consultation call pre-session to assess YOUR NEEDS and answer questions

Beat the Sweet with Didi

Blood  Pressure Management 101

1 session in a group setting virtually

This involves group sessions with Didi, your Dietitian Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Lifestyle Expert.


The aim is to educate and empower YOU to understand how to manage high blood pressure with healthy habits and lifestyle changes. This is to avoid any health issues caused by high blood pressure and add to wellness! BASICS of blood pressure management.

Each session would be about 1 hour in groups. Online session video and voice chats are optional.

GET all of your misconceptions cleared.


Start your journey to better health NOW!

  • Basics of high blood pressure

  • Risk factors

  • Signs and symptoms

  • Diagnosis

  • Misconceptions

  • Outcome of uncontrolled high blood pressure

  • Salt intake and pressure management

  • Lifestyle Changes

  • Healthy cooking

  • Monitoring and evaluating

  • Helpful tips and advice

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Blood Pressure Management 101
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Overcome misconceptions that are keeping you back from improving your blood pressure! Clarify misinformation.

FREE aspects of the Master Class


At the end of the class, you will get a certificate to show your accomplishments through this journey.

Unique Recipe Catalog

If you want to join the nutrition programs, you'll get a FREE unique recipe catalog

Family and Couples DISCOUNT

Family and couple sessions are available! Get everyone involved to educate and empower them about the basics of their body and how it works.

Didi is a Chronic Disease Specialist, Dietitian Nutritionist and internet personality who aims to promote health and wellness through lifestyle changes with the outcome of reducing chronic diseases.

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Dietitian Nutritionist

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